About Us

Newport Sales was started because I saw I need in the promotional products industry that was not being met by my competition. Most people who do what I do consider themselves a nuts and bolts operation. They get the order, order the merchandise, ship it out, and bill the client. We're a lot different: I am in the business of getting you business. It's as simple as that.
The designs and products that I offer help promote your brand, inspire customer loyalty, and open up new revenue streams that you may not have ever thought possible!
Originally, we focused on printing and embroidering apparel. Today we have two divisions at Newport Sales.  
     > One is Your Shirt Guy that concentrates on printed and embroidered apparel. To see some of the designs that we have done click yourshirtguy.com
      > The other division is Schwag Bag Promotions. Here, on this site you can buy items that will promote your business like nothing else. Pens, mugs, Key chains and countless other items that your customers or clients will actually use.  Your name or logo affixed to these products will insure that that your identity will always be in front of your client. 
Our services include sourcing the product, providing printing services and award-winning artwork services, all at a fair price. We're there for you for the entire process.
I'm a marketing veteran in the soft goods industry for 45 years with a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from Philadelphia University (at the time it was called the Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science).  Most importantly, my years of experience in marketing give me a unique edge to help you market your business, product, organization or team. 
Newport Sales, Your Shirt Guy, and Schwag Bag Promotions utilize a fantastic art department that will create a theme or concept for your business based on your specific ideas and needs. We can also use any existing artwork that you may have or incorporate your current logo into a new fresh design. The possibilities are truly endless and we're here to help you find your way. 
I want to be your shirt guy and your guy for schwag.  
Sonny Stein

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